BAMU question papers

BAMU Question Papers

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BAMU University Papers



B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-112 Architectural Building Construction & Material-I
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-113 Architectural Design & Graphics -I
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-111 Basic Design and Visual Arts
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-117 Communicative Skills
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-114 Design Fundamentals in Architecture-I
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-115 Early Civilization-Art,Culture,Architecture
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-116 Environmental Science
B.Arch.F.Y. First Sem BOA-118 Workshop
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-122 Architectural Building Construction & Material-II
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-124 Architectural Design & Graphics -II
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-121 Architectural Design-I
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-125 Design Fundamentals in Architecture-II
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-126 History of Architecture-I
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-127 Model Making
B.Arch.F.Y. Second Sem BOA-123 Theory & Design of Structures-I
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-212 Architectural Building Construction & Materials -III
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-211 Architectural Design-II
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-215 Climatically Responsive Architecture
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-218 Computer Application In Architecture-I
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-217 Environmental Science & Services-I
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-214 History of Architecture-II
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-216 Site Planning-I
B.Arch.S.Y. Third Sem BOA-213 Theory & Design of Structures II
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-222 Architectural Building Construction & Materials-IV
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-221 Architectural Design-III
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-227 Computer Application In Architecture-II
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-226 Environmental Science & Services-II
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-224 History of Architecture-III
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-225 Landscape Design
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-228 Seminar
B.Arch.S.Y. Fourth Sem BOA-223 Theory & Design Of Structures-III
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-312 Architectural Building Construction & Material-V
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-311 Architectural Design-IV
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-318 Computer Application in Architecture-III
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-316 Environmental Science & Services-III
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-315 Estimation, Costing & Specification Writing
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-314 History of Architecture-IV
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-313 Theory & Design of Structures-IV
B.Arch.T.Y. Fifth Sem BOA-317 Working Drawing-I
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-322 Architectural Building Construction & Material-VI
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-321 Architectural Design-V
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-327 Contemporary Architecture
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-325 Environmental Science & Services-IV
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-324 Human Settlement Science
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-323 Theory & Design of Structures-V
B.Arch.T.Y. Sixth Sem BOA-326 Working Drawing-II
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-412 Architectural Building Construction & Material -VII
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-411 Architectural Design-VI
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-415 Building Bylaws & Code of Practices
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-416 Interior Design
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-414 Professional Practice-I
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-417 Research in Architectural Skills & Project (Introduction)
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Seventh Sem BOA-413 Theory & Design of Structures-VI
B.Arch.Fourth Year. Eighth Sem BOA-421 Professional Training-I
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Nineth Sem BOA-511 Professional Training
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-524.1 Architectural Conservation
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-524.2 Architectural Journalism
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-523.4 Building Construction Management
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-521 Dissertation & Thesis
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-523.3 Housing
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-523.2 Interior Design
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-522 Professional Practice-II
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-524.3 Sustanable Planning and Architecture
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-524.4 Urban Design
B.Arch.Fifth Year. Tenth Sem BOA-523.1 Vernacular Architecture